Nomad Devanagari


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Nomad Devanagari is a text typeface originally designed for referential and literary work. The robust design and it’s classic proportions give it a sense of authority and make it suitable for longer texts. It has been conceived during the MA Typeface Design studies at the University of Reading and is part of my graduation project Nomad

During my studies I spent considerable time getting familiar with the Devanagari writing system, language conventions as well as local stylistic preferences. I thoroughly examined material from the past and the present, which helped me in asking the right questions in my own process of designing for Devanagari. I further received informed feedback from various experienced practicioners, all of which helped me in finding my own voice in the design of Nomad Devanagari. In my research paper ‘How to approach the design of a multi-script typeface family’ I wrote about this process. 

Moreover I went on a study trip to Nepal to meet with local typographers and look at old specimens, printed matter and experience the vivid signpainting culture that is still alive throughout the country. I wrote about all my research in my MA dissertation entitled ‘Typographic practice in Devanagari – Past limitations, present practice & future directions’. 

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